DBD 08.25.2008 - I woke up before TwistNHook

I did it!  I did it!  I woke up before TwistNHook! 

Actually, I just don't go to bed until like 3 am because despite 2 semesters of my best efforts to get kicked out of school to make my Cal Football comeback, I have phailed.  EPIC PHAIL.  So instead of not being in school, I'm in school and up doing readings for class tomorrow.  Yeah, you know, being a part of Cal Football was getting boring so I decided on med school.




Now, the important stuff.  The DBD. 

If you just woke up from a coma or you STILL don't know... then read this.  Well, I'll put the relevant portion below for you lazy link clickers.

California head football coach Jeff Tedford has named sophomore Kevin Riley as the Golden Bears' starting quarterback for their opener against Michigan State on Saturday, Aug. 30 at Memorial Stadium. Tedford made the announcement following Thursday afternoon's preseason practice and said that senior Nate Longshore will also play in the opener.

Okay, and some dude named Andy Staples for has some article on freshman players who will be relied on to contribute a lot for their teams this season.  Staples lists our very own Marvin Jones as one of those people:

Marvin Jones, WR, Cal: Cal coaches may have been tipping their hand a bit when they assigned numbers. They gave Jones No. 1, worn the past few seasons by gamebreaker extraordinaire DeSean Jackson. With Jackson and Lavelle Hawkins gone, the Bears will need more reliable targets. So far in camp, Jones has made a case that he should play early and often.

But Andy Staples is wrong!  Marvin Jones didn't want the #1 offense jersey!  While I was chatting it up with Marvin Jones at fan appreciation day a fan asked him how he liked having the #1 jersey.  He said it was his second choice!  His first choice was #3 but #3 currently belongs to fellow WR Jeremy Ross. 

See?  Going to fan appreciation day does have its perks outside of satisfying your stalker fetish.   You could have even chatted with Coach Michalczik who was roaming around briefly and checking up on players who were kid-sitting at the FG & PAT area by the south endzone.  Coach M let me in on a little secret: ALEX MACK IS OUR STARTING CENTER!!!

And being at fan appreciation day was pretty fun.  As TwistNHook alluded, many former players and other Cal athletes show up to mingle with the team.  Many of the older players recognized me.  They'd ask me how I was doing and where I was nowadays.  It was good catching up with everyone. 

For those of you that didn't go, you really missed out. You could have even bought that sweet new "Inside the Huddle" coffee table picture book.  I saw it in person on Saturday and let me just say that it's sweet.  Go buy one.  Now.

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