If California Went to the Olympics...

We’d have at least 175 Olympians (based off Team USA hometowns), more than any other state in the US (next is Texas with 44!), and more Olympians than 185 of the Countries in the Olympics. Team USA competed in 27 out of 28 sports, as the U.S. did not qualify for either the men's or women's team handball tournament in Beijing. Team Handball is the dumbest sport, so we're not that broken up about it. Also, Fun Fact, the US Olympic Training Center for BMX biking is in San Diego.


Go Bears!  Beat every other country in the world!  -  Image via

Yes, I may be exaggerating: the list below is based off hometowns, birthplaces, or Universities. I'm including alternates and heat athletes as well, but not coaches. Yes, I'm ignoring that if we only had some but not all in relays or team sports, outcomes would be different.  I'm taking only from Team USA, assuming that if they represented another country, they were probably always going to represent them. Finally, I'm assuming that if someone had the least bit of affiliation with California, they'd want to represent the 31st state. And if you think about it, we're still kicking everyone's ass even taking into account that we have the highest population of any state in the US. 

California’s Gold Medals

Jason Edward Lezak (Irvine, UCSB), Swimming -- Men's 4×100 meter freestyle relay
Nathan Adrian (UCB), Swimming -- Men's 4×100 meter freestyle relay
Benjamin Marshall Wildman-Tobriner (SF, Stanford), Swimming -- Men's 4×100 meter freestyle relay
Natalie Anne Coughlin (Lafayette, UCB), Swimming -- Women's 100 meter backstroke
Aaron Wells Peirsol (Newport Beach), Swimming -- Men's 100 meter backstroke
Rebecca Soni (USC), Swimming -- Women's 200 meter breaststroke
Klete Keller (USC), Swimming -- Men's 4×200 meter freestyle relay
Erik Vendt (USC – now at UMich), Swimming -- Men's 4×200 meter freestyle relay
Venus Williams (Lynwood/Compton), Tennis -- Women's Doubles
Serena Williams (Compton), Tennis -- Women's Doubles
Mary Whipple (Sacramento, UCB), Rowing -- Women's Eight
Elle Logan (Stanford), Rowing -- Women's Eight
Erin Cafaro (Modesto, UCB), Rowing -- Women's Eight
Stephanie Brown Trafton (San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly), Track and Field -- Women's discus
Will Simpson (Thousand Oaks), Equestrian -- Team jumping
Dawn Harper (Los Angeles, UCLA),Track and Field -- Women's 100 meter hurdles
Misty May-Treanor (Los Angeles - Costa Mesa, CSU Long Beach), Volleyball  -- Women's beach volleyball
Kerri Lee Walsh (Santa Clara/Saratoga, Stanford), Volleyball  -- Women's beach volleyball
US Women's Soccer Team (7)
    Rachel Buehler (Del Mar, Stanford)
    Shannon Boxx (Fontana)
    Amy Rodriguez (Lake Forrest/Santa Margarita, USC)
    Aly Wagner (San Jose, Santa Clara University)
    Lauren Cheney (UCLA)
    Stephanie Cox (Los Gatos/Elk Grove)
    Nicole Barnhart (Stanford)
Phil Dalhausser (Ventura), Volleyball  -- Men's beach volleyball
Todd Rogers (Santa Barbara/San Marcos, UCSB), Volleyball  -- Men's beach volleyball
David Neville (Valencia), Track and Field -- Men's 4x400 m relay
Reggie Witherspoon (Pasadena), Track and Field -- Men's 4x400 m relay
Allyson Felix (Los Angeles, USC), Track and Field -- Women's 4x400 m relay
Monique Henderson (San Diego/Bonita, UCLA), Track and Field -- Women's 4x400 m relay
United States women's national basketball team (7)
    Cappie Pondexter (Oceanside)
    Kara Marie Lawson (Sacramento)
    DeLisha Milton-Jones (Los Angeles)
    Lisa Leslie (Gardena/Los Angeles, USC)
    Tina Marie Thompson (Los Angeles, USC)
    Diana Lurena Taurasi (Chino)
    Candace Nicole Parker (Los Angeles)
United States men's national volleyball team (8)
    Gabe Gardner (San Diego/San Clemente, Stanford)
    Kevin Hansen (Newport Beach/Corona del Mar, Stanford)
    Tom Hoff (Long Beach State)
    David Lee (Alpine/El Cajon, Long Beach State)
    Ryan Millar (San Dimas/Palmdale)
    Richard Lambourne (Tustin/San Diego)
    Sean Rooney (Pepperdine)
    Scott Touzinsky (Long Beach State)
United States men's national basketball team (4)
    Carlos Boozer (Los Angeles)
    Jason Kidd (San Francisco/Oakland/Alameda, UCB)
    Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles)
    Tayshaun Prince (Compton)


California -- Fuck Yeah!  -  Image via

California’s Silver Medals:

Dara Grace Torres (Los Angeles), 
nbsp;   Swimming -- Women's 4×100 meter freestyle relay
    Swimming -- 50 m Freestyle
    Swimming -- 4×100 m Medley Relay
Katherine Elise "Katie" Hoff (Palo Alto), Swimming -- Women's 400 meter freestyle
Rebecca Soni (USC), 
    Swimming -- Women's 100 meter breaststroke
    Swimming -- 4x100 m Medley Relay
Gina Miles (Creston), Equestrian - Individual Eventing
Natalie Anne Coughlin (Lafayette, UCB), 
    Swimming -- Women's 4x100 meter medley relay
    Swimming -- Women's 4x100 meter freestyle relay
Kimberly "Kim" Susan Rhode (Whittier, Cal Poly Pamona), Shooting -- Women's Skeet
Elaine Breeden (Palo Alto, Stanford), Swimming -- Women's 4×100 meter medley relay
Jason Rogers (Los Angeles), Fencing -- Men's team saber
James Leighman Williams (Sacramento), Fencing -- Men's team saber
Sheena Tosta (Los Angeles, UCLA), Track and Field -- Women's 400 meter hurdles
Allyson Felix (Los Angeles, USC), Track and Field -- Women's 200 meter
US Women's Water Polo Team (14 - all but 1!)
    Patty Cardenas (Commerce, USC)
    Kami Craig (Santa Barbara, USC)
    Erika Figge (Rancho Santa Margarita, USC)
    Natalie Golda (Fullerton, UCLA)
    Alison Gregorka (Stanford)
    Brittany Hayes  (Santa Ana, USC)
    Jaime Hipp (Fresno, UCLA)
    Ericka Lorenz (San Diego, UCB) *spelled UC Berkley on
    Heather Petri (Orinda, UCB)
    Jessica Steffens  (Danville, Stanford)
    Moriah van Norman (San Diego, USC)
    Brenda Villa (Commerce, Stanford)
    Lauren Wenger (Long Beach, USC)
    Elsie Windes (UCB)
US Softball team (16 - all but 2!)
    Monica Abbott (Salinas)
    Laura Berg (Santa Fe Springs)
    Crystl Bustos (Canyon Country, Palm Beach C.C.)
    Andrea Duran (Selma, UCLA)
    Jennie Finch (La Mirada)
    Tairia Flowers (UCLA)
    Vicky Galindo (Union City, UCB)
    Lovieanne Jung (Fountain Valley)
    Lauren Lappin (Anaheim, Stanford) 
    Caitlin Lowe (Tustin)
    Jessica Mendoza (Camarillo, Stanford) 
    Stacey Nuveman (La Verne, UCLA)
    Natasha Watley (Irvine, UCLA) 
    Lisa Fernandez (Long Beach, UCLA) 
    Alicia Hollowell (Suisun)
    Jenny Topping (Whittier, Cal-State Fullerton)
    Micheal Day (Tarzana), Cycling -- Men's BMX
United States women's national volleyball team (8)
    Ogonna Nnamani (Stanford)
    Danielle Scott-Arruda (Long Beach State)
    Tayyiba Haneef-Park (Upland/Laguna Hills)
    Nicole Davis (Stockton, USC)
    Heather Brown (Orange/Yorba Linda, UCSB)
    Jennifer Joines (Santa Clara/Milpitas, UoP)
    Kim Glass (Los Angeles)
    Logan Tom (Napa, Stanford)
United States men's national water polo team (18 - EVERYONE)
    Brian Alexander (Cambria/Los Angeles, UCLA)
    Tony Azevedo (Long Beach, Stanford)
    Ryan Bailey (Long Beach, UCI)
    Brandon Brooks (UCLA)
    Adam Hewko (Irvine, Pepperdine)
    Thomas Hopkins (Coronado, Stanford)
    Peter Hudnut (Encino, Stanford)
    Tim Hutten (Seal Beach, UCI)
    Genai Kerr (Imperial Beach, UCI)
    J.W. Krumpholz (Santa Ana, USC)
    John Mann (Newport Beach, UCB)
    Rick Merlo (Fresno, UCI)
    Merrill Moses (Rancho Palos Verdes, Pepperdine)
    Jeff Powers (San Luis Obispo, UCI)
    Jesse Smith (Coronado, Pepperdine)
    Peter Varellas (Moraga, Stanford)
    Adam Wright (Seal Beach, UCLA)
    Layne Beaubien (Coronado, Stanford)


"It is an honor to compete for my country!"  -  Image via

California’s Bronze Medals:

Larsen Jensen (Bakersfield, USC), Swimming -- Men's 400 meter freestyle
Kai Wen "Kevin" Tan (Fremont), Men’s Gymnastics Team all-around
Katherine Elise "Katie" Hoff (Palo Alto), 
    Swimming -- Women's 400m Individual Medley
    Swimming -- 4×200m Freestyle Relay
Natalie Anne Coughlin (Lafayette, UCB), 
    Swimming -- 100 meter freestyle
    Swimming -- 200 m Individual Medley
    Swimming -- 4×200 m Freestyle Relay
Levi Leipheime (Santa Rosa), Cycling -- Men's time trial
Ronda Rousey (Santa Monica), Judo -- Women's 70 kg
Kim Vandenberg (Moraga, UCLA), Swimming -- Women's 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay
Adam Wheeler (Lancaster), Wrestling --  Men's Greco-Roman 96 kg
Robert ("Bob") Charles Bryan (Camarillo, Stanford), Tennis -- Men's Doubles
Michael ("Mike") Carl Bryan (Camarillo, Stanford), Tennis -- Men's Doubles
Randi Miller (Berkeley), Wrestling -- Women's Freestyle 63Kg
David Neville (Valencia), Track and Field -- Men's 400 meters
Donald Robinson (Napa), Cycling -- Men's BMX
United States national baseball team (12)
    Brian Barden (Templeton)
    Trevor Cahill (Oceanside)
    Jason Donald (Modesto)
    John Gall (Stanford (city), Stanford (univ))
    Mike Hessman (Fountain Valley)
    Kevin Jepsen (Anaheim)
    Brandon Knight (Oxnard)
    Nate Schierholtz (Danville/San Francisco)
    Jeff Stevens (Berkeley)
    Stephen Strasburg (San Diego, SDSU)
    Terry Tiffee (Los Angeles)
    Casey Weathers (Elk Grove, Sacramento City College)



Now that's some serious bling!  -  Image via

Golds: 50 Total Athletes, 18 events, 50 physical medals
Places 5th in the world for Gold Standings (behind China, US, Russia, Britain)

Silvers: 68 Total Athletes, 16 Events, 72 Physical Medals
Places in a tie for 4th with France (behind US, China and Russia)

Bronzes: 25 Total Athletes, 15 Events, 28 Physical Medals
Places in a tie for 6th with Britain, Germany, and Ukraine (behind US, China, Russia, Australia, France)

Overall 49 total medals. Places California at 4th in the world behind US, China and Russia. The United States had 110 overall medals, of which Californians could claim a part of 49 of them. That's pretty sweet. 

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