7/25 DBD: Taking Back The Bear Dump For The Proletariat

As our own Bertolt Brecht explained recently, the history of the CGB is th history of class struggle.  This is clearly evident in the last 499 DBDs which have been horded, monopolized, and controlled by that greedy, painfully self-absorbed, capitalist pig named Twist.  But the proletariat will not stand by idly while Twist and the ruling class covers the eyes of masses and profits from all the glory of the working class.  So today begins the revolution that our sons and daughters will mark down in their history books as the day that Twist was overthrown and his DBD streak was no more!

[And now back to reality]

I'm not sure I have any interesting links, but I didn't feel like waking up at the butt crack of dawn to beat Twist to the punch, so to speak, so here goes.

In yesterday's news on the stadium front, the Berkeley City Council yesterday announced it would not be appealing the Judge's decision anytime soon.  [Apparently there were not enough votes supporting an appeal and the council can't/won't consider it again for another 58 days, effectively meaning that COB will most likely not be involved in any appeal.  Normally the time to appeal is 60 days, so technically there is time to get involved in the appeal but in terms of seeking to preserve the injunction, COB will not be involved.]

Twist attended the meeting and provided us this picture of himself while there.



It seems like his sign did the trick in persuading the council members.  Good job Twist!

Earlier in the day, it was noted that the PHA and California Oak Found., filed their Notice of Appeal with the Superior Court.  They paid about $655 filing fee plus $5,200 for the Court Reporter to prepare the record that will be used on appeal. This is not the actual appeal but is a procedural step necessary to ultimately file the appeal (Petition for Review) in the appropriate appellate court.  Even if there is an "automatic 20 day stay" continuing the injunction (which I have not been able to verify and have doubts about), I think the actual Petition for Review (appeal) needs to be filed in the Court of Appeals having jurisdiction over Alameda County for anything automatic to kick in.  But remember folks, to get a Court of Appeals to maintain an injunction, one of the elements needed to be shown is the "probability of success on the merits."  That is pretty damn impossible to show when you already got your ass kicked on the merits, but that's just my opinion and as I've stated before, my opinion means squat.

Speaking of opinions, someone picked Cal to finish first in the Pac-10!  That's right, over USCheat.  So at least one reporter that covers the Pac-10 knows something about football.  In response to that one vote, our great center Alex Mack said:

"We have a believer." and "I believe we can win the national championship."

In that same articled are a few interesting JT quotes:

Tedford said Jahvid Best, the presumed starter at running back who missed spring ball with a hip injury, is "100 percent healthy."

Tedford is not absolutely sure the legal battle to begin construction of the athletic training center is over, even though a judge ruled this week that the injunction will be lifted Tuesday, barring any further appeals. "I think we're as close as we've been to having some movement," he said, "but it's not over until they say, 'Go.' Over the last month, it's been a big distraction."


In other football news, our friend Phillip Fulmer was served with a subpoena regarding his possible involvement in ratting out an illegal Alabama booster.

And just because I feel like saying it: Brett Favre is an idiot!  Brett Favre is an idiot! Brett Favre is an idiot!! Ok so there are conflicting reports about his possible idiocy, but I'll say it again: Brett Favre is an idiot!

Dump away!

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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