DBD 7.24.08 You must think me painfully self-absorbed

There is no other reason as to why nearly every single non-rec'ed FanPost is from me.  Well, that and my neurosis.  I get up and just sit there, bored at like 6:45 AM, thinking "We could use a fresh DBD and if I don't do it, what if it doesn't happen at all?"

I definitely enjoy having a fresh DBD each day.  So fresh, so clean.  Do you ever get that unfresh feeling with a DBD near the end of the day?  Over 100 posts, loading slow, full of something called a Maharg.  So, it's not that I'm painfully self-absorbed, just that I want to provide a new opportunity daily for the delightful commentary that we have come to expect from the California Golden Blogs community.

Also, I'm painfully self-absorbed.  But you would be too with cheekbones like this.

So, if you can beat me to the punch on the DBD, be my guest.  And see my vest, see my vest.  Now, on top links:

This was linked to in yesterday's DBD, but if it got lost in the 150+ comments there, here it is again.  Cal swimmer Jessica Hardy apparently tested positive for a banned substance according to the Chron:

(07-23) 22:19 PDT -- Former Cal swimmer Jessica Hardy reportedly tested positive for a banned substance at the Olympic trials and an accelerated review of her case could remove the 21-year-old from the U.S. team as it prepares to leave for the Beijing Olympic Games.

Hardy's A and B samples from the recent trials in Omaha, Neb., both came back positive, according to sources and reports. The test results were first reported on Swimming World magazine's Web site and since confirmed by other news agencies, including the Associated Press. The prohibited substance was not identified but said it is believed to be a stimulant.



Okanes picks Cal 4th this season. 

4. Cal. The Bears may be the biggest mystery in the Pac-10, much of that because of the second half of last season. Yes, Cal lost a good chunk of personnel on the offensive side of the ball, but that may have been easier to overcome had the Bears fulfilled that talent and kept the program’s momentum going into this season.

By most accounts, the Bears have rid themselves of the cultural problems they experienced last season. That in itself can help make up for the loss of their talented trio of receivers as well as tailback Justin Forsett. The biggest questions are whether the Bears can get consistent production from its green group of receivers, and if Jahvid Best is ready and healthy enough to become an every-down back. There’s no doubt the offensive line once again will be strong, and although Cal is unsettled at quarterback, that may be a good thing. Whoever wins the quarterback competition this fall likely will head into the season pretty well, because Nate Longshore and Kevin Riley should really push each other.

The hunch here is that Cal’s defense will be a lot better than last season. The switch to the 3-4 base defense will allow the Bears to really make the most of their talented linebacking corps, and some of Cal’s young down lineman played well in the spring and look ready to make an impact. 

If some of Cal’s questions are answered, there’s no reason to think the Bears couldn’t finish as high as second place. There’s also no reason to think they’ll finish right here in fourth.


This might have been linked to previously, but here it is again.  Ted Miller Q+A from ESPN says goodly things:

Eric from Turlock writes: Gotta question for you. I am a young Cal fan, but even I can remember the 1-10 days of football mediocrity. Obviously I am very happy with Cal's rebirth under Jeff Tedford. However, I have heard many Cal fans saying that perhaps Tedford isn't the man to take Cal to the next level (i.e. Rose Bowl, BCS). While I disagree, I see that there are some valid points to be made. Do you think that Tedford will be able to take Cal to the "promised land"?

Ted Miller: Eric, go buy a case of yellow post-its. Every time you hear a Cal fan say, "You know, I'm not sure Tedford is the man to take us to the next level," take out a post-it and write this on it: "In Tedford I trust." And then slap it on his or her forehead. Charge them $1 for the service, too. Seriously, I really hope Cal fans aren't at wits' end after a 7-6 season that ended with a bowl victory. Those days of 1-10 weren't so long ago, and Cal isn't exactly an ideal place to build a college football superpower. Cal will never put together a run like the Pete Carroll Era down South. Can it reach the Rose Bowl? Heck yeah. Should have done so a few years back when Mack Brown made like a DC lobbyist. Now, is Tedford perfect? Is he the super-genius some of us touted a couple years ago? Probably not. Bet he'd tell you the same. Last year's implosion was shocking, and like a stand-up guy, Tedford hasn't made excuses or hidden from speaking about it, like many coaches do. He's tried to be proactive, again giving up play-calling duties so he can better manage his program.

If I were an athletic director, Tedford would be on my dream list of potential head coaches.


John in Los Angeles writes: In all seriousness, if Cal's WR corp is solid, I don't see how Cal can not finish in the top 3 in the Pac-10. Whomever wins the QB position will be a star, Javid Best is a stud, their OL is solid and their D is probably the best in years. It's all about the WR's. Am I right?

Ted Miller: I don't share your certainty at QB. Longshore lost his mojo last year... can he regain it? Or, if Kevin Riley is the guy, he lacks significant experience. And one or the other will be breaking in a green group of WRs (as you note) and running backs. Best is an exciting player, but he's undersized: How many touches a game will he get before he starts to break down (see last year)? And I'm not sold on the DL or DBs (things look great at LB, though).



Yay for Ted Miller!

Big write up from Philly on DeSean:

BETHLEHEM - The smart money says that if rookie DeSean Jackson is able to keep his tiny little body in one piece this summer - which is a big if for a 5-9 guy who weighs slightly more than Shawn Andrews' right leg - he'll provide an immediate boost to an Eagles return game that had trouble getting out of its own way last season.

As for the immediate impact the second-round wide receiver from Cal might have on the Eagles' offense, well, optimism is in much shorter supply there.

Rookie wide receivers historically have been as quiet as church mice in Andy Reid's West Coast offense. The fact that Reid's playbook is thicker than 10 James Michener novels is one reason for that. The fact that the Eagles haven't done a very good job of drafting wideouts is another (see: Freddie Mitchell, Billy McMullen, Na Brown, Gari Scott, et al).

Woah woah woah, are you saying Billy McMullen was a bust?!?!?!?

Don't forget to enjoy democracy in action, people! Dump away! Go Bears!

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