DBD 7.2.08 A Request

Firstly, I'm totally bummed that the Daily Planet doesn't have an article up about  yesterday's hearing.  I want a slanted, one-sided story.  Nay, I want a HILARIOUSLY slanted, one-sided story.

Secondly, I'd like to discuss what the DBD (or Daily Bear Dump) is.  Originally from's Daily Link Dump (or DLD), it is a place to store all links.  I am going to assume that at AN, many people were just putting up FanPosts (or Diaries as they were called then) with just a link to a story.  This causes all other FanPosts to quickly fall off the page, which is not good.  There's only room for like 8 FanPosts on the front page. 

So, the link dump is designed to help collate all information that day into 1 post for ease of consumption.  Recently, I have been posting them, but thats just because I am having some sleeping problems and find myself up brutally early with nothing to do.  But if you (yes, you!) want to put up a DBD, go right ahead!  It's an organic thing.  First, look to see if there is already one up.  If not, just date it, title it, put some links in, make it your own.

Regarding links, the best is when they are Cal-sports centric.  Then, it goes out in ever-expanding circles of relativity.  So, this California magazine link on What It Means to Be  A Jew is not wholly relevant, but it is not wholly irrelevant, either.  It does relate to Cal, afterall. 

Please try to avoid links that are a)controversially political, b)controversially religious, and c)commercial in nature.  But being funny trumps all that.  If its funny, post it.  People have accused me recently of being obsessed.  That's true, I am obsessed....with hilariousness!

So, there you go.  If you find a Cal link, come here and post it in the DBD.  Check the DBD first.  If you want to write up a long post full of analysis, then that is what the FanPosts are for.  Although chances are that it is already being discussed in one of the DBD and you could just add your analysis there.  That will keep the FanPost section from dropping off quickly.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Bear Dump:

Here's a slideshow of Cal's olympic hopefuls.  Definitely cool stuff. 

Here's California magazine's football overview. 





Now, if you go to the SaveTheOaks website, they have this language:

Memorial Stadium was designed with it’s grounds, including the oak grove, as a memorial to those CALIFORNIANS who died fighting in WW1.  We encourage  the University to preserve the oak grove and dedicate it to those who died in WW1 as was intended from the inception of the stadium and it’s grounds.

And below it is a list of soldiers who died in WWI.  That might be the most insulting thing yet, co-opting these American heroes for their purposes. 

Because I'm a hypocrite and a masochist, here's the Chron article on yesterday's hearing.  Our dear friend, Ms. Jones behaved herself admirably with this one.  I do love this quote:

"Unless and until the university approves a lawful project, the injunction should remain in place," said Stephan Volker, who represents the tree-sitters.

I like a few things about it. 

1)Volker doesn't represent the tree-sitters and this continues to fuel that delightful notion, much to Cal's benefit.

2)Volker doesn't think the approval of about 98% of the project (with the other 2% thrown out) is sufficient for the project to be "lawful."  Maybe Volker should be the judge to determine what is and is not lawful.  Oh wait, I forgot he's a lawyer and that determination has already been made.  By somebody else.  Thankfully.

Another note from yesterday's discussion on Volker telling the judge he saw a "far different reality."  I was in Court one time trying to get my client appointed to a certain position.  Another person was objecting to that and trying to get himself appointed.  These two people barely spoke and did not work well together. 

The judge decided to split the baby, appointing both of them to the same position.  I attempted to express in the least insulting manner possible that I felt that was not a prudent idea due to a lack of trust between the two.  Perhaps I failed in my "least insulting manner possible" attempt, because the judge snarled back "Well, that's not *my* problem."  To which I replied, "Touche".

It is not the Judge's problem that Volker sees a far different reality.  And it is a giant insult to the Judge.  I wanted to reiterate that point with a real world example.  When the Judge makes a ruling (or proposes a ruling), it can be helpful to try to argue with the Judge to your client's benefit.  But it is a hard road to walk,  because if you anger the judge, it'll only backfire.  I think it backfired on me and I'm hoping it backfired on Volker.


Let's end this link dump with a prayer to Saint Dumpster Muffin.  I'm not sure which prayer to use, so I'm trying a few out.  Tell me if you think we should go with this one or if it's not a good one.  Also, you get bonus points if you can tell me where this prayer original came from.

Official Prayer

Lord, in your servant, Dumpster Muffin you have given us a wonderful example of triumph over reality, of devotion to hilarious insanity, and of lifelong reverence of the Holy Ganga. May her life of notbathing and Godpodding give us courage to take up our crosses and follow in the footsteps of Our Lord and Saviour, Running Wolf. Father, if it be your will that your beloved servant should be glorified by your Church, make known by your heavenly favours the power she enjoys in your sight. We ask this through the same Running Wolf Our Lord. Amen.

The origin of that prayer is near and dear to me.  But I'm concerned it is too limiting by making it Christian-sounding.  Can't Dumpster Muffin be a Saint for all codes, beliefs, and religions?  Hmmm.

Damn, long like fuck Dump this morning.  Dump Away!

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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