DBD 7/17/08 Please Televise the Revolution

Rise and Shine, Sleepy Heads.  This could be it.  This could be the day.  Tedford knows we've had days like this before.  That is what my mama said and it rings true today as much as it always did.  Except now it's not sandwiched between "But, little Shlomo Goldbergsteinsilver's mother tells me that he got a 1520 on his SATs and already is looking into medical school" and "You want such that I have to fold your laundry, oh my poor old back, injured from folding all your laundry."

Which is to say, not only do I not want any of you to fold my laundry, but THERE IS ANOTHER HEARING TODAY.  We had the ruling in mid-June, hoping that would be the day.  It wasn't.  We had the hearing on 7.1.08, hoping that would be the day.  It wasn't.

So, who knows what'll happen today.  She might order something, she might wait to issue a formal ruling on it.  Each day is frustrating to us all, so certainly we'd love something big to happen this morning.  But judging from the last month, it is difficult to get our hopes up.

Plus, we're Cal fans, preconditioned for failure.  My biggest nightmare is that Tom Holmoe replaces Olson as our lawyer.  And I'm naked in class.  But the Holmoe one is probably worse (esp. if you've ever seen me naked).

And if something HUYUGE does happen today, please may they televise it.  Please.  Please.  Please.  Please.  I'd watch that all day.  Hell, make it PPV.  Charge 19.99.  29.99.  39.99!  I'd pay it.

Now, to some links.

Some information on Television scheduling

BERKELEY - Comcast Sports Net West (CSN West) is scheduled to televise three California football games this fall, the school announced Wednesday. CSN West, Cal's local television partner, will broadcast the home game against Colorado State (Sept. 27, 3 p.m.) and the road games at Washington State (3:30 p.m.) and Arizona (7 p.m.).

For availability and channel locations visit and click the left-hand side link to "Channel Locations." CSN West will make games available in the Bay Area on a basic cable channel to be determined.


Former Cal coach Bruce Snyder is battling cancer.  Our prayers go out to his family. 

Snyder, 68, coached Cal from 1987-91, going 29-24-4. In 1990, the Bears beat Wyoming in the Copper Bowl for their first bowl win since 1938. In 1991, Cal went 10-2, beating Clemson in the Citrus Bowl and earning a No. 8 ranking.

Lavelle Hawkins is signed.



A blurb about Cal WRs shows up in Florida Rivals site. 

As of July 10, 2008, Robert Jordan appears to still be on the Niners.  I really hope he makes the team as both a Cal fan and a Niners fan.  Good luck, Robert!

I just noticed that if you go to the Cal Olympics site, not only do they have a video playing on the right with Mic-Female, Kate Troescher, but there is a link on the left to a Cal Olympics photo gallery.  Not sure how to link to them direct, but czech it out.

Think good thoughts about court hearings!!!  Dump away!  Go Bears!

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