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The BDP stories from yesterday.  We kind of got on a tangent and never really discussed them.

And if you missed the link, all tucked away in the football post, Brook and Ryan are besties now.  It includes this tidbit, also:

• DeVon Hardin, Anderson's teammate at Cal, has yet to see action for Oklahoma City because of what team officials called a "lower left leg stress reaction."

Here is a Q+A with Cal representative to the Olympic Softball team, Vicky Galindo. 


via What makes Cal so good at preparing athletes for success at the Olympics?

Galindo: "Cal has a longstanding history. It's amazing. A lot has to do with not only the athletic history, but also the academic history. It attracts people from all over."



Cal now has a record 39 representatives at the Olympics.  Yay!  Go Bears!  Cal has created a new website to follow Cal at the Olympics.  Not only does it have info on the 2008 Olympics, but has a list of all Cal Olympians (up to and including my home town hero, Matt Biondi). 

Some info on this year's team:

This year's group leans heavily toward the water with 30 athletes and coaches coming in the sports of swimming, water polo and rowing. The other sports featuring Golden Bears are basketball, field hockey, softball, table tennis and track & field.

At the U.S. Olympic trials in swimming, four athletes with Cal ties qualified - Natalie Coughlin, Emily Silver, Jessica Hardy and Nathan Adrian - and Bears women's swimming coach Teri McKeever was named an assistant coach for the U.S. team. Coughlin, the world record-holder in the 100 backstroke who captured five medals at the 2004 Olympics, will swim three individual events (100 back, 100 free and 200 individual medley) and up to three relays. Emily Silver will be on the 400 free relay, while Hardy will swim the 100 breaststroke and 50 free and participate in the relays. Adrian will be part of the men's 400 free relay squad.

The remaining swimmers come from 12 countries, providing a true cross-section of Cal's diversified student body: Brazil (Henrique Barbosa), Croatia (Duje Draganja), Estonia (Martti Aljand, Martin Liivamagi), Hong Kong (Sherry Tsai, Hannah Wilson), Israel (Guy Barnea), Lithuania (Rolandas Gimbutis), New Zealand (Lauren Boyle), Philippines (Miguel Molina), Poland (Bart Kizierowski), Serbia (Milorad Cavic), Slovenia (Damir Dugonjic, Jernej Godec, Sara Isakovic) and Switzerland (Dominik Meichtry).


Cal Olympic Participants by Year

1906 - 1
1912 - 2
1920 - 12
1924 - 14
1928 - 10
1932 - 13
1936 - 2
1948 - 16
1952 - 3
1956 - 2
1960 - 8
1964 - 6
1968 - 7
1972 - 9
1976 - 17
1980 - 29
1984 - 25
1988 - 24
1992 - 23
1996 - 38
2000 - 38
2004 - 34
2008 - 39


Cool beans.  I am definitely looking forward to Cal doing well in the Olympics this year. 

Finally, our dear friend Avinash from over at Bears Necessity has done a Jeff Tedford Tournament Of Champions at the Bleaker Report.  Czech it out!

SFJazz put out its fall line up and they definitely have a strong line up this year (as always).  Here is one of the more intriguing things:  A Zydeco Bay Cruise.  I am not exactly a Zydecothusiast, but add in live music to a Bay Cruise and it is definitely something to check out.

So, if you have Cal-related link, dump away!  Go Bears!

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