DBD 7.1.08 A Hearing?

There is a hearing today on something.  Oaktown thinks it is merely for scheduling the next few weeks before the 7.22.08 hearing.  We shall see.  I mean we won't, because we work and can't take time off for a hearing.  But if we hear anything, we will be sure to pass it along. 

Olympic News:

Cal gets representation on the men's water polo team. 



Cal gets representation on the women's water polo team, too!



And we're in the rowing team, too!



A new women's b-ball assistant coach.  Here is the tagline:

Hoover Named Assistant Coach at California

One of the 50 greatest players in ACC history joins the Bears staff

Well, that sounds pretty good to me!


Here's the Daily Planet's story on yesterday's Court Hearing on the tree-sitters.  I love this part:

Though attorneys for the treesitters asked Alameda County Superior Court Judge Richard Keller to order supplies sent up to the remaining protesters at the Memorial Stadium grove, the judge said they could get food and water simply by obeying his restraining order and coming down from the trees.

While his restraining order against the tree-sitters and their allies remains in force, Keller said, “The university shall take such precautions as are reasonably needed to prevent endangering the lives or safety of others.”

But, the jurist said, he wasn’t ordering food and water because “that is something totally and completely within” the control of the treesitters.

This whole article is full of goodies:

Simpich had argued that denial of food and water was tantamount to torture and compared to the treesitters to prisoners. But Judge Keller said the analogy was false because treesitters weren’t prisoners and were free to come down any time they wanted.


But he rejected Simpich’s argument that denial of food and water, which the lawyer said could cause effects that could lead to lack of judgment that could endanger the treesitters, was something that should be included in his order.

On the list of incontrovertible facts he cited: the university’s right to control its own property was foremost, followed by the refusal of the treesitters to obey orders he had issued previously calling on them to vacate the trees.

Anybody else just splooge everywhere?  Because I sure like fuck did!

Gabrielle Silverman (“my treesitter name is millipede”) sat in court for Monday morning’s hearing. She was the first treesitter forcibly extracted from the branches last Tuesday.

“I’m very disappointed in the judge,” she said.

Me too, Millipede.  Me too.  I can't believe he wasted tax payer money listening to you.  *sigh*

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