DBD 6.25.08 Hippies To The Rescue!

Oh noes!  Trees could be dying.  Quick!  To them.  For the saving.  Here's a SF Gate article on tons and tons more trees, you need to start sitting in immediately.  Olive, Dumpster Muffin, Ayr, I implore you.  Save our trees.  Our OTHER trees. 

And look you only have like 100 years to do this, so you better move now.  Just look at this purported future map of oak trees:




Ok, now you are going to need to fan out.  D. Muffin, you can move to the trees in Oregon.  Squirtie, you can head over to trees in San Diego. The rest of you also pick places far away and move there.

Because, look, if this is how the plaintiffs are going to play the Writ of Mandate business, it could end poorly for you here.  Why not get a jump on your next project?  Far, far away from here.  That link is the SF Gate article on the Order submitted by the plaintiffs to the Court yesterday.  I just checked the Alameda County Court website and it is not scanned in.  But here are some excerpts from the article:

"We feel pretty confident that a proper evaluation of the stadium would foreclose on this project, because we think the value of Memorial Stadium is at or near zero," said Stephan Volker, an attorney for the tree advocates.

Outside court, university officials have said the landmark 1923 bowl is worth about $593 million, although the plaintiffs say the structure, which sits astride the Hayward Fault, is worthless because of its dilapidated condition. According to state law, retrofit costs cannot exceed half the value of the building if it sits on a fault.

I know Volkie has a lot of bluster, but I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY hope that the plaintiffs actually submitted documents with a Memorial Stadium value of zero.  If there is a God!  Here's a timeline going forward:

The university will submit a proposed judgment in its favor Friday. The judge will review both and is expected to rule in the next few weeks. After that, the parties have 60 days to file an appeal.

There's a 2 billion percent chance, the plaintiffs will wait until the 59th day to file their appeal.  Ugh.  More delays.  Also, further clarification on whether our beloved UC Cal would help the tree-sitters:

In other news Tuesday, university officials sent a letter to the Berkeley city manager suggesting the university would provide supplies to the nine tree-sitters perched in the contested oak grove.

"In the event (the tree-sitters) do not come down, we will take appropriate measures to maintain their health and safety. We will not, however, allow re-supply from outside groups," Vice Chancellor Nathan Brostrom and campus Police Chief Victoria Harrison wrote to City Manager Phil Kamlarz.

This doesn't tell us nothing groundbreaking, really.  We all sorta knew that it would end this way, anyway.  But it does provide some much needed clarification.  I would like to see the text of the submitted documents, though.  Hopefully, they will be scanned in, soon. 

And, finally, because I'm going to whore out my friend's blog here.  Because I'm a giant whore.  It is about LA bars.  Wow, I feel so dirty.  But hey, whoring out other blogs is what us bloggers do best!  And it's not like I can whore out my friends.  That's what my wife and children are for!  I like!


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