Predictions for the 2008-2009 seasons

I saw this same post on the UCLA blog and I had to "adapt" it :p

Here are my predictions. Post your own (or better yet agree with me:


Aug 30- Michigan State (Berkeley, CA)

Michigan State is one of these teams that tends to tank as the season goes on and dissapoints the hell out of everyone that supports them. They do start out their seasons usually decently (so that when they do tank their supporters can experience their heart attacks). However I just don't see them winning in Berkeley against what will be (I hope) a fired up Cal team that wants to prove last year was a fluke. Cal has a lot to prove this game and I think although it might be tight in the first half they're going to come out on top. This will most likely be a repeat of the Tennessee game from last year both teams will not reach last year's caliber.

Prediction: California

Sept 6 - Washington State (Pullman, WA)

This has a potentail to be a trap game but I think Cal pulls away. Wazzu just doesn't have the man power to beat Cal here.

Prediction: California

Sept 13 - Maryland (College Park, MD)

This is probably the hardest OOC game for Cal because they will be in hostile ACC territory and they will be jetlagged to hell since the game is at noon (9am our time). However honestly the Terrapins suck. And upset won't happen here. But I expect a sloppy game.

Prediction: California (by a small margin)

Sept 27 - Colorado State (Berkeley, CA)

After last year there is no way they are going to be overlooked. No way in hell. Cal comes out on top. And there is no stupid mountain air to contend with as this is in Berkeley. Yes the last time they came here they beat us but let bygones be bygones.

Prediction: California (by a large margin)

Oct 4 - Arizona State (Berkeley, CA)

As much as it saddens me to say it I don't see this game looking good for us. I'm very skeptical of ASU and I believe they have a lot of ??s in their team but frankly they are more experienced than Cal at this moment so I have to say this squeaker goes to ASU.

Prediction: ASU (by a small margin) - the heart breaker of the season

Oct 18 - Arizona (Tuscon, AZ)

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I don't foresee Tedford and Cal tripping over Arizona again. Also November is the Arizona hell month. We play them in October thank god. Mike Stoops will be in the hot seat but honestly I can't seem them being more than a nuiscance

Prediction: California

Oct 25 - UCLA (Berkeley, CA)

This is one of the two games that leaves me confused. I honestly don't know how to call it. If we were facing UCLA in the beginning of the season I wouldn't hesitate to cal this is a victory. But even without their two QBs UCLA does have Walker and most importantly Norm Chow at their helm. This late in the season I expect the defense to be stiffening up and the offense to be more matured thanks to Normy. I still think we can pull this one but it will be a very tense game.

Prediction: California (by the tightest of margins.. The Oregon of this year)

Nov 1 - Oregon (Berkeley, CA)

This the other confusing games. They have no Cameron Colvin, no Stewart,  or no Dixon. They will probably have a newbie QB but it is almost the end of the season so he'll be battle tested however the same can be said of our QBs (if not Longshore), RBs and WRs. They have Patrick Chung. I think this might come down to simple luck or injuries.

Prediction: Push. It could go either way. My heart says Cal but it doesn't otherwise ever....

Nov 8 - USC (Los Angeles, CA)

Heh this is one of the easiest calls to make. We're going to get rolled sadly. The scoreboard may not show it but they will take us apart sadly.

Prediction: USC

Nov 15 - Oregon State (Corvallis, OR)

I smell revenge

Prediction: Cal

Nov 22 - Stanfurd (Berkeley, CA)

I smell barbequed revenge. No way in hell are we losing to the furds again

Prediction: Cal

Dec 6 - Washington (Berkeley, CA)

See above. Jake Locker seems to be the only threat but honestly a QB a team does not make unless his name is Vince Young. But Locker is not thankfully.

Prediction: Cal


So in the end optimistic me comes up with a record of 10-2 or 9-3 (depending on how Oregon goes). But I'm 100% positive we'll go bowling this year. Probably not BCS and maybe not even the Holiday bowl (as I expect ASU to finish better or tie us) but a good one nonetheless.


As you can probably see I got tired of typing by the end...  Sawry

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