This Year's Brush With Greatness

It's no secret that we here at the CGB love us some Marshawn.  He is, after all, a fresh of breath air. 

And you know what?  We even got to talk to him once.  As a matter of fact, that was a year and a day ago.  So guess what?  Marshawn was online after minicamp, again.

Note: all screennames edited to protect the innocent.  Or in the case of TwistNHook, the guilty.


[] TwistNHook: OH SHIT
[] *** Auto-response sent to TwistNHook: Oh shit! I got the shoe! I'm so invincible! Oh! Eat it, you bitch! You don't understand! I got the damn SHOE! It's the shoe! And look at how cute I am with my stupid plumber head poking out of the wind up sock! I am the cutest invincible shoe rider ever! Mario! Mario! He's in the ULTRA green SHOOEEE!

[] Yellow Fever: yeah
[] Yellow Fever: i was contemplating iming him
[] TwistNHook: MARSHAWN IS ON!
[] Yellow Fever: again
[] TwistNHook: we should ask
[] Yellow Fever: but i don't know if that would go well
[] Yellow Fever: haha
[] TwistNHook: about the hit n run!
[21:00] Yellow Fever: we'd be shut down
[21:01] Yellow Fever: just like patrick chung
[21:01] Yellow Fever: (yes, i was thinking of that line)
[21:02] TwistNHook: hahaha
[21:02] TwistNHook: I dont know what to do
[21:02] Yellow Fever: worth trying?
[21:02] Yellow Fever: this is the first time i've seen him online since the time we actually imed him
[21:02] Yellow Fever: or, make that, the time i actually imed him
[21:02] Yellow Fever: you pussy
[21:02] TwistNHook: hahah
[21:02] TwistNHook: Im a fucking pussy
[21:02] Yellow Fever: fuck it
[21:02] Yellow Fever: i'm gonna try it
[21:03] TwistNHook: oh god oh god oh god
[21:03] Yellow Fever: away message is down
[21:03] TwistNHook: which is to say oh marshawn oh marshawn oh marshawn
[21:03] Yellow Fever: cracking knuckles
[21:03] Yellow Fever: fuck
[21:04] Yellow Fever: i don't want to say
[21:04] TwistNHook: how about
[21:04] Yellow Fever: what the hell do i say this time
[21:04] TwistNHook: say we support you
[21:04] Yellow Fever: just to recap what happened last year
[21:04] Yellow Fever:

[] Yellow Fever: marshawn?
] Yellow Fever: just wanted to say i'm a huge fan of yours and i hope you do well with the bills this year

[21:04] TwistNHook: during this whole process
[21:04] Yellow Fever: well, shit
[21:04] TwistNHook: we DO support him
[21:04] Yellow Fever: i already wrote on the blog that canadians need to watch out for his driving
[21:04] Yellow Fever: and made a ton of ghostriding the whip jokes
[21:04] TwistNHook: I doubt he reads it
[21:04] TwistNHook: theres like a 0.0% he reads the blog
[21:04] TwistNHook: just say us Cal fans support him
[21:04] Yellow Fever: he fucking should read the blog
[21:04] Yellow Fever: well, ok
[21:05] TwistNHook: if you want say "Those Canadians need to watch out for your driving!"
[] Yellow Fever: and his stiff-arms
[] TwistNHook: BEASTMODE
[] Yellow Fever: ok, this is what i sent
[] Yellow Fever:

[21:06] Yellow Fever: hey marshawn
[21:06] Yellow Fever: just wanted to say that i'm huge fan of yours and hope this situation turns out for the best
[21:06] Yellow Fever: and that i and every cal fan out there support you

[21:06] Yellow Fever: i wonder if he replies this time
[] Yellow Fever: incidentally, thomas decoud is on in the dirty south
[] Yellow Fever: and j.j. arrington is always on
[] TwistNHook: hahaha
[] Yellow Fever: OH SHIT
[] TwistNHook: he aint got shit to do
[] Yellow Fever:


[21:07] Yellow Fever: hm
[21:07] TwistNHook: WE DID IT AGAIN
[21:07] TwistNHook: WE DID IT AGAIN
[21:07] Yellow Fever: that's the same thing that happened last year
[21:07] Yellow Fever: maybe it's a marshawn bot
[21:07] TwistNHook: HAHAHAHA
[21:07] Yellow Fever: HE'S GHOSTRIDING THE AIM
[21:07] Yellow Fever: man
[21:07] Yellow Fever: should i try and extend the conversation?
[21:07] TwistNHook: I dont know
[] Yellow Fever: i have a feeling i'd get patrick chunged
[] TwistNHook: maybe just a "Good luck this year with the Bills!"
[21:07] TwistNHook: or something
[21:07] Yellow Fever: at least he didn't block me
[21:07] Yellow Fever: yet
[21:08] TwistNHook: haha
[21:08] TwistNHook: We dont want him to go into BEASTMODE
[21:08] Yellow Fever: this is starting to become an annual thing
[21:08] Yellow Fever: "this year's brush with greatness"
[21:08] TwistNHook: hahahha
[21:08] TwistNHook: for cereal
[21:09] Yellow Fever: i'm trying to extend it
[21:09] Yellow Fever: WISH ME LUCK
[21:09] TwistNHook: OH NOES
[21:09] TwistNHook: OH NOES
[21:09] TwistNHook: GOOD LUCK
[21:09] TwistNHook: GOOD LUCK
[21:09] Yellow Fever: i asked him what it's like having a qb from stanford
[21:09] Yellow Fever: haha
[21:09] TwistNHook: Im so nervous
[21:09] TwistNHook: Im so nervous
[21:09] Yellow Fever: i don't expect a response this time
[21:09] Yellow Fever: but god willing
[21:09] TwistNHook: Marshawn willing
[21:09] Yellow Fever:

[] MARSHAWWWWWWWWWWWWN: Dat nigga koo as fuck

[21:09] Yellow Fever: OH SHIT
[21:09] Yellow Fever: OH SHIT
[21:09] Yellow Fever: IT'S WORKING
[21:10] Yellow Fever: wait a minute
[21:10] Yellow Fever: trent edwards is white
[21:10] TwistNHook: I dont know
[21:10] TwistNHook: I dont know
[21:10] Yellow Fever: this is the most awkward interview ever
[21:10] TwistNHook: HAHAHHA
[21:10] TwistNHook: should we introduce ourselves and ask fi we can send him an email to interview him? 
[21:10] Yellow Fever: i don't know
[21:10] TwistNHook: or maybe we should try to contact him through the official Bills channels
[21:10] Yellow Fever: i feel like i have a good thing going
[21:11] TwistNHook: I think that doing the official Bills channels thing is better
[21:11] Yellow Fever: i don't think the bills would cooperate
[21:11] TwistNHook: yeah
[21:11] TwistNHook: you are right
[21:11] Yellow Fever: unless we're police officers
[21:11] Yellow Fever: haha
[21:11] TwistNHook: dont ruin the magick
[21:11] Yellow Fever: and then, they cooperate fully
[21:11] Yellow Fever: especially the COO
[21:11] Yellow Fever: ok, give me a follow up
[21:11] Yellow Fever: you pussy
[21:11] Yellow Fever: pull your weight around here
[21:12] Yellow Fever: just imagine he's another grandmother facing eviction
[21:12] Yellow Fever: i know you're comfortable with those
[21:12] TwistNHook: Im not greedy
[21:12] TwistNHook: I feel like we annoyed him enough
[21:12] TwistNHook: But thats me
[21:12] Yellow Fever: ok
[21:12] TwistNHook: Im also a giant pussy
[21:12] Yellow Fever: i told him thanks
[21:13] Yellow Fever: and that i won't bother him anymore
[21:13] Yellow Fever: and good luck this year
[21:13] Yellow Fever: oh man
[21:13] TwistNHook: did he respond?
[] Yellow Fever: so is it decoud time
[] Yellow Fever: nope
[] TwistNHook: DeCoud time?
[] Yellow Fever: he's online too
[] TwistNHook: oh my science
[] Yellow Fever: he said thanks again!
[] Yellow Fever: well
[] Yellow Fever: this was certainly exciting
[] Yellow Fever: maybe next year i can ask him two questions
[] Yellow Fever: with any luck, by the time he retires i'll be able to ask him which is his favorite applebee's
[] TwistNHook: hahahah
[] TwistNHook: our holiday tradition
[] Yellow Fever: so are we going for decoud?
[] TwistNHook: I say yes
[] TwistNHook: but I have to go right now
[] Yellow Fever: fuck
[] Yellow Fever: i can't do it without you
[] Yellow Fever: he's actually online pretty often
[] Yellow Fever: we'll talk to him another day
[] Yellow Fever: you pussy
[] TwistNHook: we'll do it later

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