DBD 12.30.08 - Twist, please don't delete this. Thanks.

I'm sure this morning, you, like most of us here, woke up in denial. You pretended like the Cal football season wasn't over. You watched the Alamo Bowl last night just because Missouri's uniforms somewhat resemble ours and because Chase Daniel's performance last night reminded you of vintage Longshore.

I'm here to break an unfortunate truth to you - it's over. Cal football is over. Sure, there will be news articles, preseason rankings, Nate Longshore's draft prospects (pick which training camp he'll end up in!), a spring game... but none of it matters since there won't be any Cal football for another nine months, which is a long, long time. You could have a baby in the time it takes for Cal football to officially start up again.

But not to despair! This is why you're at California Golden Blogs, even though most of you are lucky enough to be on vacation and not at school/work. You want to satisfy that appetite for more Cal football. So on we go!

Jahvid Best is Good [Jahvid Good? - Ed]

This much we knew -- speedy Cal tailback Jahvid Best rushed for over 500 yards in his last two games. So, too, did Miami. So, too, did his coaches. Among the two parties, only his coaches were able to hold him back at any point Saturday evening in a 24-17 close-fought Cal victory over Miami.

Best strung together a series of highlights runs among his 20 carries totaling an Emerald Bowl record 186 yards and two touchdowns. Cal's offense and oft-booed quarterback Nate Longshore was helpless without him, but Cal's coaches seemed reluctant to ride their star. The game's announcers got a gem of a quote from Miami's defensive coordinator basically calling Best Cal's entire offense. He also said backup quarterback Kevin Riley outperformed declared starter Nate Longshore this year, but that's for another time.

Wait, did you read that last sentence?

The Best Hope [How many more "Best" puns are there going to be? - Ed], but this time, it's Heisman Pundit.

It’s not too often that a player from a school without a whole lot of Heisman tradition can make a real, legitimate run at the trophy.

Cal’s Jahvid Best has a chance to do just that in 2009.

The true sophomore finished with 1,580 yards and 15 touchdowns this year while averaging a nation-best 8.1 yards per carry.   Since Reggie Bush came along, there’s been a lot of talk about this or that guy being the ‘next’ Bush, but Best is, I think, the closest thing to it.

Cal football thinking BIG

"We are looking for a national championship," sophomore tailback Jahvid Best said in the post-Emerald Bowl excitement.

Best's quote is similar to that of DeSean Jackson after a Holiday Bowl win in 2006 and Brandon Mebane after a Las Vegas Bowl victory in 2005, but Best may have a more valid argument.

Tonight is the Holiday Bowl (ie where we would be if Oregon State wasn't a team of chokers)

Cal's Women Basketball team (#9/#13) downs Saint Mary's 85-44

California came out pressing in the second half, forced turnovers and completely took over. Junior guard Alexis Gray-Lawson led the charge.

"I think we felt like ourselves," she said. "We just committed to what we wanted to do. When we do that we're very dangerous."

Breaking news: Priyanka Chopra is really hot [Note: Excuse the writing - Some Indian writers try way too hard. Oh, also NWS]

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