DBD 12.29.08 On Booing

There is an incredible amount of rationalization going on here. Although I don't disagree with all of this, some of the comments are pretty bad. You don't have to guess twice as to where the sources are.

"I booed...

Aside from the 74 yarder to Tucker in the 1st quarter....Nate the great had 47 passing yds. the rest of the game. Are you kidding me? A senior quarterback, who supposedly had the best 2 weeks of practice of his career, gave one of the most atrocious performances in recent memory on national TV. Longshore sucked and deserved the booing. Good riddance he's gone."

"Nate is a big boy, a 5th year senior in his twenties, who is getting a free ride to one of the best universities in the world. I'm sure he can handle it."


"get over [the booing]. it happens in every college stadium in this country. let's stop acting like we are so superior to everyone else."


"People pay a lot of money to watch the game, drink a lot, and are bound to express their opinions because of it. Longshore was playing like garbage and I think more people were booing Tedford for leaving him in than booing Lonsghore himself. Even if they were directing their jeers at Longshore, can we stop the false pretense that these are impressionable kids? I'm not a "college kid" anymore but am still younger than Longshore, and people in their late teens and early twenties can deal with a little booing without melting down. A lot of guys in the NFL are younger than Longshore. I don't get why would you be against booing just on the college level. These aren't "kids" in my opinion."


"Longshore ranks right up there in the annals of Ca's terrible QBs (remember Jay Torchio???). Thank God both of them are gone! Hopefully we'll have a reprieve until the next awful QB comes on board.


But one thing's for sure.... the Offensive Coordinator needs to go! How many more games of the run Best, run Best, run Best, do we have to take before Best gets hurt or before the OC can be CANNED!?!!"


"Tedford should go spend some time at Oklahoma to find out how to develop a QB and a passing game. He has by any measure, completely lost it as a "QB guru" and "offensive genius.""
"This isn't DIII or JC football.
JT needs to do as he professes: put the team in a position to win.
Playing NL because of some imagined "moral obligation" is derelict.

A bowl game WIN is a great catalyst for next season and recruiting.

Thank GAWD for Zack.  Thank GAWD NL actually advanced the ball TWO YARDS for the winning TD (and didn't throw a pick-6 instead).


"There are 18 year olds getting shot at in the military and you are complaining about a college QB getting boed?  Is that correct?"

"The fans were booing Longshore and the incredibly poor decision to start him in this game.  Fans have 2 options to show displeasure.  One is boo the choice and the second is to stay away.  The fans chose to boo.  While I can understand the handwringing around booing a college player lets make no mistake that this is a business and a very big one.  JT is paid millions to coach, the players choose to play and get notoriety and praise when things go well.  It seems harsh to boo perhaps, well then do not charge what you charge to go to the games and lets pay the coach something more in line with what a coach should earn for coaching football.  I love Cal football and am so pleased that they are playing in bowl games etc.  Booing is an unfortunate bi product of being a part of a big public business.  Nate Longshore got a grand stage to show his wares to prospective NFL suitors and received a great education at the best public university in the nation and 1 of the very best period (public or private).  He chose to accept the scholarship and all the benefits it brings.  Sorry Nate, but booing goes along with the gig.  I understand the paying public wants a way to display displeasure.  Booing may be harsh, but the alternative would be to stay away.  With money comes scrutiny.  Very simple really."

You sound like all those soccer moms who have never played a team sport but act like they know everything abou the game. If you are over 35 years old, you know the booing comes with the territory-no matter what level of play. We have become of society of overpanderers. The fact that they are in college and getting paid (oops, I mean getting a scholarship) gives us as ticket payers, the right to voice our joy or displeasure on the performance. Remember this is entertainment, not REAL LIFE.

Hmm... maybe I was wrong about Longshore not being the most hated cal player ever.

Dump away. Or respond to the angry Cal fans.

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