Yes We Can!

Ed Note: We received the following from loyal reader Andrew.  It would have been interesting to read this article had Lehman Brothers and AIG not collapsed, since it was primarily this economic downturn and not a historically unpopular president nor a once in a generation unifying political figure which stole the election from John McCain.  I, for one, would have loved to hear John McCain's take on that muslim Mark Hussein Sanchez, that domestic terrorist/tight end/education professor Blake Ayles, and that Commie Pete Carroll's socialist philosophy of spreading the carries.  Why the mainstream media isn't reporting on these stories, I do not know.  But it sure would be a lot more interesting and divisive than the lame unifying and uplifting message that follows.

Zoonews, you know what to do.

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An Inspirational Message to Cal Fans from President-elect Barack Obama


Thank you!  Hello Berkeley! Good evening!  Thank you!


Thank you all so much for all of your support.  Without visionaries like you, we never could have accomplished this.  I am, and I hope you all are, truly proud to be living in such an amazing country at such an amazing time. 


I realize that I have earned your support because my message rings true to you.  We all know how similar our two stories are.  Throughout your lives, you have been told that it was impossible for Cal to go to the Rose Bowl based solely on the color of your uniforms.  Somehow, conventional wisdom made people believe that the Blue and Gold just wasn't good enough for Pasadena in January.  Baby blue and gold, green and gold, and, for the past six years, Cardinal and gold, were the accepted colors of the establishment.  Being Blue and Gold was somehow looked down upon as inferior; as not belonging.  But it is 2008 now, the past is behind us, and all across America people are ready for change.


You cannot let others dictate what you are, what you can be, and what you should do.  There will be skeptics- there always are.  Even before the season began, the skeptics were mocking your defense.  They said Cal didn't have the athletes to line up in a prostyle formation.  They said you couldn't bring the 3-4 defense to the Pac-10.  And what did you say?


Yes we can!


For the past two years, other schools have told recruits that Cal will always have the worst facilities in the Pac-10.  They said you would never break ground on a new training center.  They said you would never be able to get the hippies out of your trees.  When they all said “no, you can't,” how did you answer?


Yes we can!


You can't listen to the pundits.  You have to make your own path.  The pundits will tell you that two quarterbacks means no quarterbacks.  Pundits will say you can't name a different starter week in and week out.  What do you say?


Yes we can!


Now I'd like to share with all of you a story about two great Cal fans.  Don and Marianne Winter are folks I met along the campaign trail.  They go to every home game, and they never miss a game.  And they have never missed a game in the 50 years that they have been watching the Golden Bears.  Don shared with me his story about coming to Cal as a freshman in 1958. Over winter break, he took a road trip to Pasadena.  It was January 1, 1959, and Cal was playing Iowa in the Rose Bowl. After a 38-12 loss, he was disappointed, but he remembers thinking, “I have the rest of my life to see Cal win a Rose Bowl.”  After he finished telling me the story, he grabbed me by the arm, looked me dead in the eye, and said, “And I'm not going until I do!”


Well, Don, 50 years is a long time.  And you have seen a lot of changes.  You've seen GM go from making the greatest cars in the world to barely making paycheck.  You've seen our banking system go from being a model for the rest of the world to being bankrupt. All because Cal has not been back to the Rose Bowl.  But you've never lost faith.


And now you are joined by legions of loyal fans that all yearn for the same thing as you.  Because 50 years is a long time to hear that the Rose Bowl is no place for the Blue and Gold.  50 years is a long time to be told, “No you can't.”


Well to all those out there who say “, “No you can't,”, I say to you-


From Zellerbach up to Dwinelle,

From Telegraph to Pimentel,

The winds are changing,

I can feel the breeze.

From Haas to Boalt to our chopped down trees.

On Memorial Glade ‘neath the Campanile Bell-

I need to hear every Old Blue yell

Yes we can! 

Yes we can! 

Yes we can!


Now when you wake up on Saturday morning you will hear a lot of doubters. The experts from Las Vegas will say we're going to lose by three touchdowns.  Chris Fowler will roll his eyes as Corso suggests we can keep it closer.  And Kirk Herbstreit will tell the nation that there is just too much talent on the Trojan bench.


But don't you listen to the pundits and the experts, to the doubters and the skeptics.  Because these are the same people who would tell you that a team from Lubbock could never defeat the mighty Longhorns.  And these are the same people who would have you believe that a man named Barack Hussein Obama could never be elected President of the United States.  And these are the same people who could never imagine that somewhere, someday, somehow, a team from Berkeley will beat a team from USC.  And I ask you,


Why not here?  And Why not now?


Thank you all very much, and may God bless the University of California at Berkeley!

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