I hate you, GoDucks.com

I put in a lot of time last night writing the Inside The Numbers post for Oregon.  The stats from GoDucks.com kind of were screwy, but I figured it'd be OK.  Then, I accidentally hit publish and the site was screwed up.  The html tables from GoDucks.com were killing our website!?!  So, I had to delete it.  All that work lost.  Quintuple Le Sigh.

Nonetheless, I learned a lot in doing the research, so after the fold, I'll recap my thoughts and tell you guys about some Oregon players to keep an eye on.  Because I don't feel like making a big thing out of this, it wont be shmancy.  Ragnarok has helped put some of the information back in in a safer format.  I'm sorry that this will be more cursory than originally perceived, but I just don't feel like doing it all over again. 

Overall Team Statistics


Oregon Football
Oregon Overall Team Statistics
(as of Oct 25, 2008)
All games

SCORING  332  199 
   Points Per Game  41.5  24.9 
FIRST DOWNS  199  159 
   Rushing  106  42 
   Passing  71  99 
   Penalty  22  18 
   Yards gained rushing  2441  1083 
   Yards lost rushing  211  257 
   Rushing Attempts  373  294 
   Average Per Rush  6.0  2.8 
   Average Per Game  278.8  103.2 
   TDs Rushing  30 
PASSING YARDAGE  1569  2107 
   Att-Comp-Int  243-131-9  322-188-9 
   Average Per Pass  6.5  6.5 
   Average Per Catch  12.0  11.2 
   Average Per Game  196.1  263.4 
   TDs Passing  13  14 
TOTAL OFFENSE  3799  2933 
   Total Plays  616  616 
   Average Per Play  6.2  4.8 
   Average Per Game  474.9  366.6 
KICK RETURNS: #-Yards  26-625  30-593 
PUNT RETURNS: #-Yards  20-327  12-65 
INT RETURNS: #-Yards  9-56  9-113 
FUMBLES-LOST  14-7  12-7 
PENALTIES-Yards  53-469  62-551 
   Average Per Game  58.6  68.9 
PUNTS-Yards  36-1495  55-2084 
   Average Per Punt  41.5  37.9 
   Net punt average  36.4  30.9 
TIME OF POSSESSION/Game  26:15  33:45 
3RD-DOWN Conversions  44/114  54/143 
   3rd-Down Pct  39%  38% 
4TH-DOWN Conversions  5/10  4/9 
   4th-Down Pct  50%  44% 
SACKS BY-Yards  28-161  12-70 
ON-SIDE KICKS  0-0  1-2 
RED-ZONE SCORES  38-44 86%  27-29 93% 
RED-ZONE TOUCHDOWNS  30-44 68%  16-29 55% 
PAT-ATTEMPTS  38-40 95%  22-23 96% 
ATTENDANCE  234279  237764 
   Games/Avg Per Game  4/58570  4/59441 
   Neutral Site Games    0/0 

Score by quarters  1st  2nd  3rd  4th  OT   Total 
Oregon  85  61  98  79  332 
Opponents  16  92  44  44  199 


First, if you look at the overall numbers, their run game and run D is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than pass game and pass D.  They actually give up more pass yards than they have thrown for.  But they have over double the rush yards than given up.  Clearly, the strength of their team is in their running game.

RUSHING  GP  Att  Gain  Loss  Net  Avg   TD  Long  Avg/G 
Blount, L.   90  668  18  650  7.2  12  72  81.2 
Johnson, J.   98  608  35  573  5.8  45  71.6 
Masoli, J.   56  391  64  327  5.8  36  46.7 
Alston, Remene   21  166  161  7.7  43  23.0 
Harper, Chris   35  167  30  137  3.9  21  17.1 
Crenshaw, Andre  20  123  120  6.0  39  17.1 
Scott, Terence   83  83  20.8  51  10.4 
Roper, Justin   15  94  14  80  5.3  16  20.0 
Maehl, Jeff   62  61  8.7  15  7.6 
Thomas, Darron   13  42  15  27  2.1  12  6.8 
Dickson, Ed   18  18  6.0  2.2 
Holland, Jamere  16  16  16.0  16  4.0 
Johnson, Marvin  3.0  0.5 
Larkin, Matt   0.0  0.0 
TEAM   26  -26  -3.2  -5.2 
Total..........  373  2441  211  2230  6.0  30  72  278.8 
Opponents......  294  1083  257  826  2.8  80  103.2 

This is especially true when you compare the running stats with the passing stats.  They essentially have 3 RBs out there.  LaGarrette Blount, Jeremiah Johnson, and Jeremiah Masoli (the ostensible QB).  Masoli and Johnson are averaging 5.8 each a carry.  Blount is even higher. 

PASSING  GP  Effic  Cmp-Att-Int  Pct  Yards   TD  Long  Avg/G 
Masoli, J.   118.7  68-122-2  55.7  726  48  103.7 
Roper, Justin   117.2  44-80-4  55.0  570  62  142.5 
Thomas, Darron   132.7  15-32-1  46.9  233  41  58.2 
Harper, Chris   74.0  4-9-2  44.4  40  31  5.0 
Total..........  118.4  131-243-9  53.9  1569  13  62  196.1 
Opponents......  122.1  188-322-9  58.4  2107  14  73  263.4 

Compare that to the passing stats.  Masoli has like a 118 rating, which is not great.  55% completion percentage and I think less than 6.5 per attempt.  Arizona's 3rd wide out has over 30 receptions.  No Oregon wide outs have over 30 receptions.  Interestingly enough, Blount and Johnson have combined for about 5 receptions.  Thought they would throw to their RBs more. 

RECEIVING  GP  No.  Yards  Avg   TD  Long  Avg/G 
Scott, Terence   29  383  13.2  60  47.9 
Maehl, Jeff   28  263  9.4  26  32.9 
Williams, J.   25  331  13.2  48  41.4 
Dickson, Ed   23  310  13.5  41  38.8 
Harper, Chris   110  15.7  62  13.8 
Pflugrad, Aaron  36  12.0  13  4.5 
Johnson, J.   31  10.3  13  3.9 
Crenshaw, Andre  29  14.5  31  4.1 
Cavaille, Rory   12  6.0  1.7 
Lewis, Malachi   11  5.5  1.4 
Holland, Jamere  4.0  2.0 
Blount, L.   1.0  0.2 
Davis, Drew   19  19.0  19  2.7 
Mackie, Mike   14  14.0  14  14.0 
Alston, Remene   10  10.0  10  1.4 
Total..........  131  1569  12.0  13  62  196.1 
Opponents......  188  2107  11.2  14  73  263.4 

So, while Oregon does run the spread, it is wildly different than Tuitama and Co. out in Arizona.  Tuitama and Co. are slinging the ball everywhere.  Oregon is run, run, run, run, run.  We have the LBs to stop them, I think.  We shal see shall we not.  The rain plays into their strength, but ours, too.

We were able to shut down Javon Ringer, so we'll see if we can shut down their rushing attack, it will be a large challenge. If we can and we force them to throw, it takes them out of their game and puts Cal in a great position to win.  Easier said than done.

Ragnarok:  So, I don't know what is wrong with GoDucks.com, but apparently it was the defensive table of statistics that nearly killed our blog.  I don't know what's wrong, and I don't particularly care.  Just go here if you want to see the actual defensive statistics that Twist is talking about.  It won't kill your browser, I swear.  Besides, it's Friday afternoon, so if it does kill your browser, well...tech support's probably already gone for the weekend, and with your computer dead, you've got a good excuse to head out early too.  Just tell your boss it was the IRS website (or something else worky-related -- definitely *not* college football statistics) that did it.>

As for defense, it is sort of the opposite of ours.  Their true strength is up front with Nick Reed and Will Tukuafu.  They are killer DEs and have combined for 24 tackles for loss and 14 sacks.  Sick! 

3 out of their top 4 tackles guys are DBs, not LBs.  Never the most prudent set up.  Cal fans might remember Patrick Chung as the guy who got Patrick Chunged 2 years ago by Marshawn.  That was 2 years ago, he is a LOT better now and has about 50 tackles.  Jarius Byrd has been abused (ABUSED) by Tha1 the past few years.  Im sure hes happy to see Tha1 in Eagle green.  Byrd also has about 50 tackles. Their DBs are really strong.  But if their DBs are making the tackles tomorrow, it bodes well for Cal. 


Overall, this team seems pretty similar to ours.  Concerns with the passing game, but strong, strong running game.  Pretty solid defense that has had some unfortunate break downs.  The rain appears to favor both teams, insomuch as we both have running games as our strength.


Final Thought:  So, how do I think this game will go?  Tough to tell.  It is not going to be a blowout, especially with the rain.  That is for sure.  It might be lower scoring than most expect. 

Last year with a much better Oregon O and a much worse Cal D, Oregon put up 24 in Oregon.  If we can hold them to that amount, I feel like we have a good chance here.  Lord knows we are going to have guys just sitting there spying on Masoli the entire time.  If we can just execute tackling, I think we have a decent chance of being able to stymie their run game. It won't be easy, but if we can do that, I think we can force Masoli to throw throw throw.  He certainly will not be as bad as Craft last week, but if we can get a few turn overs, we could make some hay.  

Certainly, what helped last year was that we got 4 TOs and gave up none.  Now, I doubt that two of their return guys are going to run into each other again, giving Jahvid Best an easy fumble recovery.  However, with the conditions as they are, ball security will be key.  Wet Ball Mechanics.  I repeat.  Wet Ball Mechanics.  That will be key. 

On offense, I have major concerns about our O-Line.  They are beaten up bad now.  So, that's why the D is going to be key.  Their DBs were hyped coming into the season, but have been blow up some.  Can Riley blow them up again?  I don't know, but the conditons might make that a moot point.  Plus, our WRs are going to have to improve on their catching skills here.  So, I don't see us putting up 40+ like we did to years ago.

This is going to be a tight game.  I predict whomever wins the turn over battle will get this one.  May it be us.  Again, sorry for the stream of consciousness post her, I am just frustrated with all that lost work.  Anyway, what do you think?

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