DBD 10.29.08 Mack '08!

I'm sure Twist has some valuable things, but this is far more important. Alex Mack deserves his dap. Thanks to California Golden Bear Football News, it's time to participate in a longstanding time-honored American tradition: ballot box stuffing!

Votes are currently being taken for the Lowe’s Senior Class Award.  You can see Alex Mack’s profile here. Fan balloting counts for 1/3 of the total with the remaining 2/3 determined by NCAA Division I coaches and national media members.  You can vote once a day, so bookmark the page here.

As of today, Alex Mack is tied for 6th place with a pathetic 4% of the vote.  Maurice Crum of Notre Dame has 44%, and some guy named Louie Sakoda has 17%.  We need to get the vote out.

And now...he's alone at 6th place with a pathetic 6% of the vote. This just canno tdo. Time to mobilize the great Cal blogosphere. No way we're going to let some dude named Crum take down our genius center.

Speaking of smart big men. Enter POWENAGE.

Paul Pierce threw the ball high and deep, the idea being that Leon Powe, on the far end of the Garden court, would make the catch and roll in a layup that would more or less clinch a season-opening victory for the Celtics over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

One small problem: Pierce’s pass looked like a punt, and punts can be tricky. Powe had a decision to make. Should he take a step or two up the court and try to catch the ball in the air? Or should he let it bounce? And if he lets it land, with the Cavs’ Anderson Varejao already on top of him, what if he doesn’t get the bounce?

Powe decided to let it bounce. He got the ball, the layup and was fouled. He missed the free throw but the Celts nonetheless held a four-point lead with 5.3 seconds remaining. The Celtics emerged with a 90-85 victory.

Oh. Yeah. Football stuff.

But after digesting Saturday’s 41-20 win over UCLA, Tedford was happy with Riley’s performance. That appears to be enough to give him the inside track to be the starter against the Ducks.

“As of right now,” was Tedford’s response when asked if Riley was the starting quarterback this week. The past three weeks, the answer was “I don’t know yet.” It seems apparent that, unless Riley were to have a really bad week or something unforseen developed, that Riley will be behind center on Saturday,

“I thought Kevin played pretty well,” Tedford said. “I think the difference in the game was decision-making. Kevin was harassed a little bit but held onto the ball, pulled it down when he needed to. He didn’t make any poor decisions with the football, and that becomes critical in a close game. He made some really good throws, too.”

But Tedford wouldn’t go so far as to say Riley was the starter indefinitely. In fact, he and Nate Longshore still split first-team reps Tuesday at practice. But Tedford also said he’d rather not have it be this way. He’d rather have a clear No. 1 guy. He just isn’t convinced that is the case yet.

“The mindset of being able to know who your guy is each week, there is a little bit of security when you have that,” Tedford said. “But we’re in a position where we need to make decisions each week until this thing separates itself. I’ve said all along I don’t believe in the two-quarterback system. I don’t want to bounce back and forth if not need be. You’d like to have a quarterback you’re settled on and take it from there.”

Tedford said he isn’t concerned that the starter isn’t getting enough first-team reps in practice. Riley and Longshore have spent the past several weeks splitting first-team reps evenly at practice. He also added that he doesnt’ believe the bouncing back and forth between quarterbacks affects the receivers. 

“I think they’re getting enough reps,” Tedford said. “We run a lot of plays in practice. They take every mental rep. They’re always really into the mental part of it. They throw all the routes. I don’t think that’s a huge thing.”

From Rusty's column.

"While we're always looking for perfection, I think I can be overly critical of things," Tedford said. "I expect guys to complete every pass, and as I'm watching tape, that's not going to happen. I'm used to Aaron Rodgers and those types of players, so it becomes easy to be too critical of a very tough position."

Tedford has consistently admitted his distain for the two-quarterback system, but he said he's had no choice but to give the reigns of the offense to Riley, put them back into Longshore's hands for two games and switch back to Riley last week.

"The mind set of knowing who your guy is going to be each week gives you a little bit of security, but we're in a position where we have to make decisions each week until this thing separates itself a little bit," Tedford said. "When (Kyle) Boller was the quarterback, he was going to be the quarterback. When Rodgers was the quarterback, he was going to be the quarterback. You didn't even think about it from week to week."

On a sad note, Addicted to Quack's founder is resigning and returning to private life. On a nonsurprising note, Twist and Maharg infiltrated the comments and started talking about themselves. So cool.

Dump away, and start stuffing the vote.

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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