DBD 10.24.08: I'm still pissed about Arizona

Look, Twist has done an admirable job of trying to make us forget about the fiasco that was our Bears' horrible 42 - 27 beatdown by U of A, through his discussion of UCLA cannibals and campaign finance reform. Even Hydro pitched in with a linkless DBD about black cat stew or something like that.  But the bottom line is that I'm still totally pissed about losing to U of A, in a game that was just too winnable to be lost.  I just can't get that pissed feeling out of my system . . . kind of like losing to the fucking Furd last year!  So I want you to be pissed with me.  SCREAM, YELL, AND USE ALL CAPS TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS!  USE LOTS OF EXTRA EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!  IT'S OK TO BE MAD! Maybe we can get that loss out of our system.  But no, I think the only thing that can do that is to pull a BYU on those damn baby bruins. But let's try our best shall we?  BE MAD AND BE PROUD OF IT!

Now to some links (pardon if they're recycled):

Article on defensive lineman Trevor Guyton, and some other tidbits.  Of interest is Best's health:

Cal tailback Jahvid Best, who still leads the country in all-purpose yards (200.4 ypg), expects to play again Saturday against UCLA. Best returned from a one-game absence because of a dislocated left elbow at Arizona last week and rushed for 107 yards and a touchdown. But he sat out the fourth quarter after experiencing muscle soreness in his elbow.

Best will continue to wear a brace on his elbow, a brace he said doesn't affect his play.

"If anything, it just looks bad," Best said. "But as far as from a physical standpoint, it doesn't limit me."


Another one on Cal's newest kicker Tavecchio. He's trying to teach his teammates how to say "Go Bears" in Italian.

If you haven't already, check out the Cal Basketball Promotions Page.  Lots of good stuff there including the fact that ESPN's College Gameday will be there for the Feb. 28 game vs. Fucla.

Fucla has lots of injuries.  Let's hope their 5th string back doesn't drop 300 yards on our D.

And Rusty Simmons wins the "pointing out the obvious award" for telling us Cal needs a "go to" receiver.  Thanks Rusty. Thanks.

Something for you to think about: is it me or has Tedford recently (the past few years) been outplayed in second halves.  At first it seemed like JT was great at making 2nd half adjustments.  And now he seems to be losing that battle.  I'm too lazy to crunch the numbers for the past few years, but this year Cal has been outscored by MSU 24 to 21, by U of A 28 to 3, and tied ASU at 7.  Cal only outscored a schizophrenic Maryland team, as well as  WSU, and CSU.  Too much of a small sample to draw any conclusions, but my perception that he is being outcoached in the second half is starting to concern me.  Your thoughts?

Dump away. And remember BE PISSED ABOUT IT!

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