How Do You Spend Your Gameday?



Figures, I save this draft and the whole thing gets deleted. I hate myself.


I'm currently in a hotel in SF, and the word hotel only loosely describes this place. More like hotel that was once a whorehouse, which is now just a haunted whorehouse. I'm afraid of sleeping because I fear that Yolanda, Cherri, and Bambi will rise from the dead and taunt me with imaginary blowjobs. Much rather ride the Pain Train right now.

Anyway, none of that information is relevant at all, but the big point is I'm going to the UCLA game once I procure a ticket. Leading me to the following question. How do you generally spend your college football gameday, especially when Cal's playing a home game? And what tips do you have to Cal students/new alum/social losers (me me me me me!)

Tailgate before game wooo!--food and beer and coeds and food and beer and coeds and more food and more beer and more coeds.

Oh, and please do elucidate on where to tailgate in Cal--is it really just parking garages? Good Lord. The one time I tailgated some dude with a funny hat kept on walking up to girls, telling them they were hot, then standing there and staring at them. He seemed pretty impressed with himself. I'm fairly certain that was a Maharg lookalike hipster. That was the highlight of that tailgate.

To the TV--Enjoy social gatherings at home. Or sitting at home alone. Or Tivoing the game so one can do stupid things like spend time with the family or (worse) shopping.

To the stadium and back home--Often dislike people and am just there to watch the game and dissect it quietly in my head while only occasionally engaging in fan things like cheering and drinking and conversing. I'm a killjoy. (that's me, that's possibly Hydro).

To the bars: Ticket prices are too expensive, game's too far away--why not hit up the local tavern? That way people get to boo Tedford and Longshore all they want, and possibly come up with amusing drunken rants/fight songs.

The game is only the beginning--because the house parties/clubs/frat row is next! This is where you either awkwardly stand next to coeds talking about majors. If that fails, turn up top 40 hits on ITunes and proceed to "mosh" like one mean ass mofo. Some tall Euro named Bjorn (who thinks a football is round) gets 80% of the action. The other 20% will wake up the next morning knowing they made a huge mistake.




Show us the path, especially royrules. That guy is still passed out drunk from Saturday.

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